Best Tactical Vests in 2022 | An ULTIMATE Guide

Are you looking for the best tactical vest? If yes, then you are at the right place. Most people think that these are just used by soldiers and warfighters, but that’s not true. It is a great choice for any law enforcement or military personnel. It is high-quality that comes in many different styles and models. A tactical vest is your best option if you want to stop bullets during fights, self-defense, and quick handling of your paintball attacking players.

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After 14 days of analysis, we are happy to share the best tactical vests for the protection of your life. These vests provide different features such as low weight, bottle hose, mags pouches, adjustability, customization, radio pockets, attachable cummerbund, and reinforced drag handle. I hope you’ll be so excited by these vests.

Best Tactical Vest

A tactical vest is a piece of equipment that is worn over clothing in order to provide protection from bullets, stab wounds, or other injuries caused by weapons. It’s important to choose a vest that fits well and is comfortable enough so that it doesn’t hinder your movement while fighting. The vest should have an adjustable fit and should allow for plates to be inserted into pockets on both sides. It should also come with additional features such as magazine pouches, holsters, hydration packs, radios, etc. So, you can customize it based on your needs.

List of Top 9 Vests

OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular VestOneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Vest
  • Material: 500D cordura nylon
  • Size: 13.58 x 12.8 x 3.94 inches
  • Weight: 2.87 Pounds
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Crye Precision JPCCrye Precision JPC
  • Material: 500 denier Cordura
  • Size: Medium
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
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5.11 TAC-TEC5.11 TAC-TEC tactical vest
  • Material: 500D Cordura strong fabrics
  • Size: Medium and large
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
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RAC vest HRTRAC Tactical Vest HRT
  • Material: 500 denier Cordura fabrics
  • Size: Fit up to 41 – 45 inches.
  • Weight: Ultra light-weight
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AR500 Armor Gen 2 TestudoAR500 Armor Gen 2 Testudo
  • Material: 500D nylon fabric
  • Size: Medium to 2XL
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs.
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(Greencity) Scorpion Tactics Tactical Vest(Greencity) Scorpion Tactics Tactical Vest
  • Material: military grade fabric
  • Size: 18 x 18 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 4.65 Pounds
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The Sentry tactical vestCondor Elite Tactical Vest
  • Material: 600D nylon
  • Size: Medium to XXL
  • Weight: >2 lbs.
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GFire tactical vestGFire tactical vest
  • Material: 1000D Cordura fabric
  • Size: Medium to X- Large
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
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ArcEnCiel MOLLE Tactical VestArcEnCiel MOLLE Tactical Vest
  • Material: 1000D nylon fabric
  • Size: One Size Fits Most.
  • Weight: 3.35 Pounds
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Best Tactical Vests

1 – OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Vest

Best Product
OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Vest
8.9/10 Our Score

The one tigris Griffin AFPC Modular vest offers various features like fast release functionality, durability and adaptability.

It is manufactured by 500 denier cordura nylon. Therefore, it is breathable and one can use it for a long time for daily use. Basically, denier is a unit, which is used to measure the quality of fabrics and threads. The more denier value means the fabric is more durable, thick and sturdy. Due to 500D this is waterproof.

Interior of Griffin is constructed with 3D mesh material so it is useful for warm or wet climates. The shoulder straps are adjustable and contain four fragments of padding that provides nice airflow. It can easily remove with help of removable buckles.

The cummerbund is fully adjustable from 36″ to 48″. You can easily adjust it according to your waist.

The right and left sides of this vest can also be modified with webbings and the design of the side pockets is unique. These pouches might be used for different types of magazines and other type of tactical gears without any difficulty or extra room.

Other Features:

There are numbers of patch panels on the back and front of the vest for the attachment of different equipments like water bottle, maps, radio, and so on. Another important feature is that it is very light weight. The actual weight of this vest is just 1.3 kg.

Furthermore, it has a MOLLE system that helps to push name and morale patches in various locations on the chest.

  • The fabric is sturdy and breathable
  • Fully adjustable size
  • Easy to wear
  • Light weight
  • 3D mesh
  • A stiff tube on the right shoulder will interact with rifle carrying.

2 – Crye Precision JPC

Top Best Product
Crye Precision JPC
9.4/10 Our Score

The Crye Precision jumping vest is a lightweight and compact jacket that designed to provide maximum stability, ease of control, and easy pack-ability. It is just one pound in weight.

The JPC carrier offers many configuration choices to fulfill the carrier’s requirements in terms of comfort. It is manufactured with 500D strong and lightweight material.

It will accept 10″ x 12″ sized plates. Basically, the size of the plates depends on the size of the carrier, ranges from small to extra-large.

These are some of the better advantages, that the structural crotch straps design is attached to the patented flexible attachment system, which enables the pockets to be mounted in and out of the jacket. Reducing extra weight thus, increasing airflow.

The Vest also contains documents pouch as well as an admin pouch on the front-side. The patented cummerbund skeletal structure retains an incredibly breathable design while maintaining optimum safety.

Even further, the part of crye precision jpc is made of flexible, stretchable material, making it possible for any size and shape of the plate to fit snugly.

It is available in main four colors (MultiCame, Coyote Tan, Black and Ranger Green).

  • Contains admin and paper pouches front of the carrier
  • Easy control and pack ability
  • Skeletal crotch system
  • Lightweight
  • Somewhat expensive

3 – 5.11 TAC-TEC Tactical Vest

Best Product
5.11 TAC-TEC Tactical Vest
9.3/10 Our Score

Basically, the TacTec was designed for law enforcement and the military. It was introduced by the CrossFit industry, which is very comfortable and provides strong mobility. Now it became an official product of Crossfit Games.

This is the best choice for beginners, which is a very comfortable and airy. It contains comfortable backpacks and shoulder straps. It divides the weight of plates quite well and removes typical pressure points of the vest.

The TacTec is constructed with 500D Cordura strong fabrics therefore it is a lightweight. The 5.11 TacTec is 2.5 lbs in weight and accepts both the medium and large plates. It can carry the 10″ x 12″ and 10″ x 13″ sized plates.

It contains an adjustable and flexible cummerbund that enables the carrier to stay close against the body, but also provides a little stretch, making it much more stable when leaning, jumping, carrying heavy items, bending, or moving from vulnerable to standing, or vice – versa.

Other Features:

TacTec also contains laser cut panel, moral patches, mags pouches, and gives more space for ID on the front of the vest. The whole jacket can be removed in seconds using a specially built one-hand fast-release mechanism.

TacTec is a great option that provides more mobility and versatility than any other. It is a little bit expensive, but it is made by people who know what they need. They use high-quality materials because they think it matters.

This vest is available in six multi-colors:

Navy Blue, Standard Black, Tac OD, MultiCam, Sandstone, and Terrian.

  • Stretchable cummerbund
  • Fast release buckles
  • Laser cut panels
  • Cool and airy
  • Not for carrying heavy weight
  • No modularity

4 – RAC Tactical vest – HRT

Best Product
RAC Tactical Vest - HRT
9.2/10 Our Score

The RAC is an excellent choice for keeping cool and relaxed. It seems to be the most convenient vest choices, specifically for hot weather. It contains airy shoulder pads which provide you the best comfort level and the whole jacket is built with airflow channel.

Like several jackets, the RAC Tactical Vest offers a plenty of customization options, including fast release buckle framework for modifications and additions of removable pockets and storage for equipments.

It is constructed with 500 denier Cordura fabrics. Due to 500D it is very light weight vest that everyone can easily wear. The 10″ x 13″ sizes plates can accepts it. It also contains the adjustable HRT fast release cummerbund.

The black, Ranger Green, Multi-cam and Coyote brown colored plate crriers are available.

It is basically designed for the use in hot weather. Of course, the RAC is always a good choice if you want to keep yourself cool and comfort.

  • 500 denier cordura fabrics
  • Customizable cummerbund
  • Multi-color options
  • Lightweight
  • No side plates

Note:This product is not available please check the price of related product.

5 – AR500 Armor Gen 2 Testudo

Another Best Product
AR500 Armor Gen 2 Testudo
9.1/10 Our Score

This is another best budget tactical vest of 2022. It can hold the 10″ x 12″ and 11″ x 14″ body armor plates. It is flexible and good for medium and heavy body sizes.

The Gen 2 Testudo contains side holding straps and buckles that are very strong. It is constructed with 500D nylon fabric that’s why it is very lightweight.

You won’t have to think about getting a back armor plate because, the back shoulder mounts will help you to put the back plate that served you with enough protection.

There is a customizable cummerbund on it with Hypalon insole and a strong shock string. It helps you to extend as required, but to retain the consistency that is necessary once you adapt.

The shoulder pads and inner lining are 3D mesh that provides an extra comfort. It also contains fast release buckles and lightweight Velcro all-over the webbing that gives an extra functionality and durability to the carrier. There is no need to attach the side pockets for plates because it has built-in side pockets.

The Testudo vest provides many other features like low profile and reinforced drag handle, great stitching material, bar-tacks, and different pouches for mags, radio, water bottle etc.

  • Accepts both medium and large sized plates
  • Built-in side pockets for side plates
  • Adjustable cummerbund
  • Highly durable
  • Little bit costly

Note:This product is not available please check the price of related product.

6 – (Greencity) Scorpion Tactics Tactical Vest

Best Product
Scorpion Tactics MOLLE Vest
9/10 Our Score

The design of this Scorpion Tactics Vest is so well that you can wear it in any weather and you could be used for a variety of outdoor duties such as war games, paint ball, military training, hunting and many other purposes.

The Scorpion Vest is very lightweight and especially used by the forces of NATO, US, British and Canadian soldiers. We used the term NATO force which is very high-readiness.

This force is made for ground, Sea, air forces that can be immediately deployed on missions wherever they are required. The Scorpion vest is constructed with the very high density, lightweight and combat grade material.

Other Features:

Furthermore, it also contains the interior lining mesh, which is very breathable and air flow. It has a rugged design that has been field tested and offers comfort performance.

The carrier is very flexible and adjustable due to the removable padded shoulders and adjustable Velcro waist. The Velcro makes the fully flexible and adjustable girth and length of the waist which fits the most size.

Moreover, the Scorpion Tactics Tactical MOLLE vest offers two detachable waist pouches, an emergency front pouch, two utility pouches, three front magazines pouches, two single magazines pouches and pouch for tools like flashlight, radio etc.

  • There are several customization options
  • Provides the use of a sling
  • Inner mesh lining
  • It fits perfectly
  • Lightweight
  • There is no hydration bladder included
  • Left and right plates are small sized

7 – Condor Elite Tactical Vest

Affordable Best Product
Condor Elite
8.8/10 Our Score

The Condor Elite Vest is one of the best budget tactical vest of the Spartan armor system. This is the new design that gives you a completely comfortable fit as well as holds the regular plates required for your safety. It contains a variety of features that makes it the best choice of the day.

It contains looped and hooked webbing that provides easy access plate pouches. You can quickly detach it with the help of fast-release buckles.

The interior of the vest is manufactured with a comfortable padded mesh liner. It can carry up to 10.30″ x 13.30″ of ceramic and steel plates.

The shoulder pads are also removable that one can easily adjust their waist. The high-weight MOLLE webbing is one of the great features that allow customizable attachments.

It also contains an external drag handle. This is very helpful in tactical scenarios where you might be wounded, and somebody would have to drag you out.

The vest is manufactured with 600D nylon so it is very strong and long-lasting. It has no cummerbund that serves to increase the airflow and decrease the bulk.

It also contains the Velcro panels that would make it easy to install patches and IDs.

  • Velcro panels for easy to install patches and IDs
  • Fast release buckles
  • MOLLE webbing
  • 600D fabric
  • Drag handle
  • No cummerbund

8 – GFire tactical Vest – best budget tactical Vest

Best Affordable Product
GFire tactical vest
8.7/10 Our Score

Yet another best budget tactical vest of 2022 is GFire vest. It is constructed with 1000D Cordura fabric. See zero discreet about this type of special vest. Due to the soft webbing the internal and external pockets are overflowing.

It has both the back and front plates. The interior wrist straps are flexible which manufactured with mesh liner.

The GFire also contains the drag handle, padded shoulder straps, loop guides, and hook.

GFire is the perfect vest that is efficient of wearing both soft and hard body armor. Due to many good qualities it is the best selling product.

  • Accepts soft and hard body armor
  • Fast-release buckles
  • Affordable price
  • 1000D fabric
  • Mesh lining
  • It is not for the roaming purpose.

9 – ArcEnCiel MOLLE Tactical Vest

Affordable Product
ArcEnCiel MOLLE Tactical Vest
8.6/10 Our Score

The ArcEnCiel MOLLE Tactical Vest is a military style vest. It allows the both soft and hard plates and it can hold 8″ x 10″ or 10″ x 12″ sized plates. It contains adjustable cummerbund up to 45″ waist.

This Tactical vest is a good option for those, who like to have a vest with lots of accessories and attachments. It contains various MOLLE points of attachment for having many things like maps, radio, walkie-talkies, water tank, flashlight or many other things that you want to bring. These are all removable.

ArcEnCiel MOLLE Vest gives you many adjustable features as the other give. It is a perfect combat fitness jacket, self defense, air soft, paintball, and for tactical training.

The shoulder straps contain webbing loops. It also has three magazine pouches on the front and two side magazine pouches. It contains medic and admin pouches too.

The ArcEnCiel vest is constructed with 1000 denier of nylon fabrics and well stitching.

  • Shoulder straps contains webbing loops
  • Hold both soft and hard plates
  • Many removable pouches
  • 1000D nylon fabric
  • No plates are included

Buying Guide

Unfortunately, it can be tough to choose the right tactical vest. You need to know what kind of design, height, and weight is right for you.

Basically, it all depends on your need and what kind of attacks you’re most likely to face. After determining the situation that you face in the future you will be able to select an appropriate tactical vest to provide you with the perfect protection against the attack.

Let’s talk about the types of plates and other main features that you should keep in mind the purpose and importance.

Different Types of plates

When we talk about the plates, we have four major options:

  • Kevlar plates
  • Polyethene plates (PE)
  • Ceramic plates
  • Steel plates

If you are facing fewer threats and want a lightweight vest, then the PE and Kevlar is the best option for you. The steel and ceramic plates are heavier than Kevlar and PE, but they provide greater protection.

1-Kevlar plates

The Kevlar plate is a synthetic fiber that seems to have great tensile strength, providing a great balance between weight and protection. The strongly attached fibers can avoid low-to medium-speed bullets and also can stop certain low-grade rifle bullets including knives as well as other sharp weapons.

It offers many features like it being very lightweight, strong, rust-free, and corrosion. When you increase the number of Kevlar layers, the protection level also increases.

Be mindful that high-speed bullets can be avoided, but there may also be some blunt damage to the body.

2-Polyethylene plates (PE)

Polyethene is taking the center way in both Kevlar and steel. PE is just as rigid as steel, but the weight is similar to Kevlar. PE will take several hits without cracking or shrapnel output. It melts when a bullet enters PE, as well as the moving bullet, begins to burrow. In the end, the substance cools and holds the bullet inside.

Although PE provides equivalent protection as steel and is as light as Kevlar. It is quite costly, and it is one of the major reasons why it’s not commonly used.

3-Ceramic plates

These plates are not very famous compared to some other alternatives presented, but they have some special uses. There are two major reasons that it is more lightweight than steel and much cheaper than polyethylene. They provide the same level of protection as steel.

The Ceramic plates have one drawback they are not able to bear several bullets in the same place. If you already have some information about this, then you may know that it easily breaks.

No doubt, it will protect you from the bullets, but the material will be shattered. Basically, this shattering is the part that helps to successfully block the bullet.

4-Steel plates

Steel is among the most famous weapons protection materials. It will block the bullets to avoid sudden trauma. The main advantage of steel plates is that they can bear several bullets in the same place.

Steel plates have one drawback they are very heavy in weight, but they are so protective due to their heavy weight.

The Paxson-coated steel plates are best because they do not break down as the bullet hits and avoid different difficulties.



The best tactical vest is important for defending oneself against the ever-increasing danger of gunfire. After all, the armor plates would be useless without a carrier. The OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Vest and GFire tactical vest excels above all of them due to their long-lasting construction as well as breathable architecture. These tactical vests are somewhat costly due to some extraordinary features.

Don’t worry we also mentioned some affordable and best-budget tactical vests like ArcEnCiel MOLLE Tactical Vest and Scorpion Tactics Tactical MOLLE Vest.

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