What Color Plate Carrier Should I Get? – Tips for Choosing the Right One

What color plate carrier should I get? People are asking this question every day. If you’re in the market for body armor, you may have noticed that all plate carriers don’t look the same. Some are bright neon yellow and green, others are sandy brown and black, and others are white or grey with splashes of color here and there.

An image containing five vests with text What Color Plate Carrier Should I Get?
What Color Plate Carrier Should I Get?

We understand that choosing the right color plate carrier is an important decision that requires careful consideration. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one will suit your needs the best. In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right color plate carrier for your needs.

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What color plate carrier should I get?

When it comes to purchasing a plate carrier, there are many factors to consider, including its color. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which color will best suit your needs.

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Understanding the Role of a Plate Carrier

Before we dive into the process of choosing the right color plate carrier, it is important to understand the role of a plate carrier. A plate carrier is a protective vest that is worn over your clothing and is designed to hold ballistic plates that can stop high-velocity rounds. Plate carriers are worn by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and other professionals who require protection in high-risk situations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Color Plate Carrier

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right color plate carrier. These include:

  1. Visibility: The color of your plate carrier can impact your visibility in different environments. If you work in an urban area, you may want a plate carrier that blends in with the surroundings. On the other hand, if you work in a rural area, a plate carrier that stands out can make you easier to spot.
  2. Climate: If you work in a hot climate, a plate carrier in a lighter color can help you stay cool. In colder climates, a darker color can help retain heat.
  3. Job Requirements: The requirements of your job can also impact your choice of the color plate carrier. For example, if you are a law enforcement officer, you may want a plate carrier that matches your uniform.
  4. Personal Preferences: Lastly, your personal preferences can also play a role in your choice of color plate carrier. You may have a favorite color or want a plate carrier that matches your other gear.

It is one of those questions that may not need an in-depth answer, but it’s still relevant to our site and can help many new people to plate carriers. So, what color should my plate carrier be?

Any color is okay if it fits comfortably and can securely contain your plates without being too loose or too tight! Just go with whatever you like best. Some colors do have certain advantages over others, though. It’s worth knowing about these advantages to ensure you get what you want.

No plate carrier brand makes all their plate carriers in only one color. Everyone has different preferences and tastes; some colors are better for specific tasks than others. So, it’s essential to know these advantages to make an informed choice when you buy your vest.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of correctly picking colors for plate carriers. We’ll also give you examples of popular colors to get an idea of what to look for when making your purchase.

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Let’s start the guide about What plate carrier color I should get?

Popular Color Plate Carrier Options

Now that you have an understanding of the factors to consider when choosing a color plate carrier, let’s take a look at some popular color options:

  1. Black: Black is a popular color option for plate carriers as it is versatile and can blend in many environments.
  2. Coyote Brown: Coyote Brown is another popular color option as it can blend in with desert environments.
  3. Ranger Green: Ranger Green is a darker color option that can blend in with forest environments.
  4. Multicam: Multicam is a popular camo pattern that can blend in many environments.
  5. OD Green: OD Green is a dark green color that can blend in with forest environments.

Black plate carriers:

Black is a trendy color for many reasons. It doesn’t show dirt as much as other colors might, which is incredibly convenient if you have to wear your tactical vest every day or if you work in a dusty environment like construction or mining. However, being dark also means it absorbs heat more quickly and won’t be as breathable as lighter colors. Of course, wearing black is nothing wrong – if that meets your needs, then feel free to go ahead!

For example, it could be a great choice if you want a vest that will keep out wind and rain while still looking good no matter how dirty you get on duty. On top of that, black matches most uniforms well and has a classic aesthetic that many people find appealing.

what color plate carrier should i get
Black plate carrier

There are many other advantages to choosing a black tactical vest. Still, they mainly involve personal preference since there aren’t any significant drawbacks associated with using them. Of course, black is not your only option. Plenty of other colors can help you stay cool, dry, and visible when wearing a plate carrier on duty.

OD green plate carriers:

The most obvious alternative to black is OD green. It is another popular color that most people associate with camouflage because it’s used in uniform patterns like US Woodland. But despite its association with camo, you don’t have to use an OD green vest.

what color plate carrier should I get
OD green plate carrier

Suppose you don’t want to! It’s also been associated with earth tones for decades. So, many people may see one and assume it belongs to a construction worker or landscaper rather than a soldier or cop.

All that being said, OD green does work well for tactical vests just as much as any other color. It’s less heavy than black, so it won’t make you overheat too quickly, making it great for high-activity occupations while still protecting you from wind and water.

Sandstone plate carriers:

Moving on, let’s take a look at sandstone plate carriers. This color has a similar aesthetic to OD green because it’s another earth tone. Sandstone is another excellent choice for tactical vests because it offers many of the same advantages as black and OD green.

It doesn’t show dirt too quickly, which is best if you want your vest to stay nice looking even after heavy use. Since sandstone is lighter than black or OD green, it will be more breathable. That means you’ll probably get hot faster than with an all-black or all-OD green vest, but since everyone experiences heat differently, that might not be an issue!

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Yellow plate carriers:

At last, let’s take a look at yellow plate carriers. It is another best color for tactical vests because it’s vibrant and unique. Unlike black, OD green, or sandstone, no one will mistake your vest for anything else. It will also be more visible in low-light conditions than in darker colors. As a bonus, bright yellow can help ensure you stay visible during night shifts and other periods when visibility is low due to darkness or fog.

Regarding camouflage gear, most people gravitate towards two types of colors: Olive Drab and Camo. Both types of colors can effectively hide an individual in various environments.

It is critical to decide which color to wear in your environment. Olive drab will provide better concealment if you’re facing sandy or desert-like terrain. Still, camo will be more effective when facing a wooded area or green shrubbery. But even within these two categories, multiple options are available, such as tiger stripe and Multicam.

In short, choosing between these two body armor coverings depends heavily on what kind of environment you plan to use them in.

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Size & Fit – Get the Right One For You

Generally, a plate carrier is one of two sizes, small or large. The small size is ideal for people under 6 feet tall and weighing less than 200 pounds. The large size works best for people taller than 6 feet or heavier than 200 pounds.

When trying on a new carrier, ensure it fits comfortably without shifting around too much and that there’s enough room to move your arms freely. You should also be able to close all of your velcro straps without any issues; as a bonus, consider getting a belt with your rig if you find yourself needing to adjust it every few minutes.

Finally, remember that in most cases, it’s safer to go with larger plates (10 inches across) since you won’t have as many restrictions when wearing body armor over bulky clothing in cold climates.

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Style or Function – What’s More Important To You?

It depends on your needs, but both are important in a plate carrier. Style is subjective; if you’re going for protection only, then the function is more important. On the other hand, if the style is more important to you, then consider whether or not it’s worth sacrificing protection for.

Regardless of your choice, ensure it can fit plates of adequate thickness. Also, adjust shoulder straps and fastenings accordingly, so they remain comfortable during physical activity (i.e., there’s no slippage).

Take time to ensure these things beforehand and don’t take any shortcuts; worst-case scenario: people will say that your plate carrier looks ugly but as long as it keeps them safe in battle and does its job correctly, nobody will say anything about its functionality.

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Choosing the right color plate carrier is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Consider the factors mentioned above to make an informed decision. We offer a wide range of color options for our plate carriers to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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