Best Plate Carrier Accessories | 2024 Top Picks & Guide

I never thought I would be writing about the best plate carrier accessories, but after researching and talking to military people, I discovered this. As a tactical enthusiast, you know that the plate carrier is an essential piece of equipment. It not only protects you but also enables you to carry your equipment effectively.

Best Plate Carrier Accessories
Best Plate Carrier Accessories

However, the plate carrier alone is not enough. You need accessories to enhance its functionality, comfort, and protection. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the essential plate carrier accessories that every tactical enthusiast should know about.

Best Plate Carrier Accessories | Top Accessories

Tactical Plate Carrier Accessories (Mag Pouches)

Plate carrier pouches are essential accessories that enable you to carry your gear effectively. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of equipment. Some of the most common pouches include magazine pouches, admin pouches, and medical pouches.

Magazine pouches carry extra ammunition, while admin pouches carry essential items such as maps, GPS devices, and communication equipment. Medical pouches are used to carry medical supplies such as tourniquets, bandages, and gauze.

Molle plate carrier accessories (Cummerbund)

The cummerbund is a crucial part of the plate carrier, and it plays a significant role in providing a comfortable and secure fit. It is the strap that goes around your waist and secures the plate carrier to your body. A good cummerbund should be adjustable and breathable, allowing you to adjust it to your body size and provide maximum comfort.

Tactical shoulder pads

Tactical shoulder pads are another essential accessory that enhances the comfort and functionality of the plate carrier. They help to distribute the weight of the plate carrier across your shoulders, reducing the strain on your back and neck. Additionally, they provide a cushion between your shoulders and the plate carrier, preventing chafing and discomfort.

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Plate Carrier Accessory (Tactical Plates)

The plate carrier plates are the most critical component of the plate carrier. They are the actual protective plates that absorb and dissipate the impact of bullets and shrapnel. There are two types of plate carrier plates: soft plates and hard plates. Soft plates are made of Kevlar and protect against pistol rounds, while hard plates are made of ceramic or steel and provide protection against rifle rounds.

Carrier hydration system 1319

Staying hydrated is crucial in any tactical situation, and a hydration system is a convenient way to do so. A hydration system consists of a water reservoir, a tube, and a bite valve. The water reservoir can be attached to the back of the plate carrier, while the tube and bite valve are attached to the front. This lets you drink water without taking off the plate carrier, making it more convenient and efficient.

Full-face tactical helmet

A full-face tactical helmet is an accessory that provides additional protection to the head, neck, and face. It is especially useful in situations where there is a risk of shrapnel or debris hitting your head. Plate carrier helmets come in different sizes and shapes and can be customized with accessories such as night vision goggles and communication equipment.

Fnx 45 tactical holster

An Fnx 45 tactical holster is an accessory that enables you to carry your sidearm effectively. It is attached to the plate carrier and provides a secure and comfortable fit for your handgun. Plate carrier holsters come in different sizes and shapes and can be customized with accessories such as magazine pouches and flashlight holders.

Plate Carrier Back Panel

The plate carrier back panel is an accessory that enables you to carry additional gear on the back of your plate carrier. It is usually attached to the plate carrier using MOLLE webbing, and it can accommodate different types of pouches and accessories. A plate carrier back panel is especially useful in situations where you need to carry extra gear, such as a radio or a medical kit.

MOLLE Load-bearing system

MOLLE Load-bearing system is the best plate carrier accessory. The original MOLLE system produced by Speciality Defense Systems has quickly become the uniform for US Military personnel, Law Enforcement agencies, and Civilian tactical enthusiasts. Versatility is the key feature of this combat-proven modular system.

A 100% nylon webbing grid allows the attachment of various pouches to suit mission needs without unnecessary bulk. The MOLLE system removes unnecessary straps and bulk found on traditional tactical vests. As a prime contractor to the Department of Defense, SDS developed a unique insight into what soldiers wanted in field-ready equipment.

Other condor plate carrier accessories


When it comes to weaves, there are a variety of options.

Tactical SlickStick Webbing – A tactical MOLLE webbing made by 5.11 Tactical can fit on all platforms.

– MOLLE Webbing – A MOLLE tactical webbing used by the military can only fit on MOLLE platforms.

– Full MOLLE Webbing – Like MOLLE webbing, but used by the military.

– Rip-Away Pouches – They can be quickly ripped off the vest if needed.


When it comes to fasteners, there are many different types of choices:

Hook & Loop Fasteners – A soft side of the fastener, sticks to a loop material.

Plastic Toggles – Used in the MOLLE/Slick Stick? The system can be put in place using a flathead screwdriver.

ITW Buckle Fasteners – A molle fastener made by ITW Nexus.

Two-way Tape Fasteners – It has a hook and loop side but a hard plastic side that will stick to the loop.

ITW GTSR buckle – A molle fastener made by ITW Nexus.

550 cord – A nylon cord made by the military is also called a parachute cord or paracord.

The body armor plates:

Body armor plates contain ballistic-resistant materials and form a protective layer around the body. Plates provide protection from bullet and projectile hazards, which is proportional to their thickness and ability to displace the impact of a projectile.

Body armor plates are either stand-alone, providing front and back protection, or rifle plates that protect only the front torso. Rifle plate carriers typically have shoulder straps to distribute weight over the body. In contrast, stand-alone plate carriers are heavier because all the weight is focused on a smaller body area.


Patches are usually attached to the front of carriers using hook-and-loop fasteners. Still, the location of where the patch is placed can vary depending on which country or agency issued your carrier.

Place patches on both sides of the chest and upper back for symmetry.

You may also want to attach an American flag patch to indicate that you’re a member of the U.S. military.

The standard color scheme for tactical helmets is black and flat dark earth, but some manufacturers use colors such as green or coyote brown. Your unit’s organizational standards will outline the specific requirements you must follow when attaching any patches to your tactical helmet, so check on your agency’s policies.

Trauma Pads:

Trauma pads are used to decrease the risk of blunt force trauma that is transmitted through helmets.

Most manufacturers include these with their carriers, but some units may buy them separately for use with existing helmets.

Properly fitted tactical helmets must be worn at all times during duty hours, so make sure you’ve got yours on before attaching any trauma pads.

Side Rails:

A side rail is a metal strip with two hook-and-loop sections that hold accessories like flashlights and lasers.

To attach any accessory on top of the helmet, remove the cover over the front half of the hook-and-loop areas. Usually, you can find these covers near your temple on either side of your helmet.

Plate Carrier Accessories FAQs


Plate carrier accessories are an essential part of any tactical setup, whether you are in the military or a civilian. By adding the right accessories to your plate carrier, you can carry and access your gear more efficiently and effectively, giving you an advantage in any situation.